by T-Rex Marathon

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released July 26, 2017



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T-Rex Marathon Ottawa, Ontario

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Track Name: Once Together
I saw the dead leaves that you hid in our stream

Mementos of our lives, kept as a secret.

These leaves are just dreams of who we used to be,

And autumn kept making it way to the trees.

Take me back to the fall of our teens,

When our hope was alive, and our fears were deceased.

These trees we create offer us the shade.

The shade we need to reclaim the day.

And now those times are lost hiding under my bed.

I thought that you could keep a secret never to be shared again.

Do you remember not so long ago?

You used to climb through my window and be there through it all.

But like a cloud in a storm you got swept away.

Into the skies of your life, under the influence of gray.

So now I’m here again, all alone in this room.

The window is now closed, and my dreams are dead too.

All this time that I’ve been waiting

All these years that I’ve been wasting
Track Name: I Stopped Listening
I speak / speak the words / the words you need to hear / hear me out now / now more than ever /

ever after never comes / comes out from the darkness / darkness taking over / over the whole

world / whole world turning black / black as the night / tonight I make my stand /stand against it

all / all that is wrong / wrong and right / right in front of me / me, who is weak / weakness is

disease / disease that kills / killing everything we are / are you ready? / ready for the end / end it

forever / forever is a long time / time, there’s not much left / left or right / nowhere to run /

running away from you / you who won’t listen / listen as I speak the words / the words you need to

hear / hear them out now / hear them out now / now more than ever.
Track Name: ...And I Lost It All
If at all you spoke in tongues, overused and overrun.

If at all…

Coughing blood out of your lungs.

A broken ballad, a broken song.

If at all, you spoke in-

If at all you spoke the truth, a vintage wine, a wasted youth.

If at all…

A time of old, a drunken mood,

Scarlet dancing, a sung out tune.

If at all, you spoke the-

If at all you spoke the dark,

Empty mirror, reflection lost.

A melted candle, an endless love.

If it all fades, embrace it not.

My heart is filled with hate!

I’m drowning in my regret. Look at my life, there’s nothing left.